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How can challenges improve your life?

Sometimes when we would like to change a habit we need a bit more then willpower alone. By participating in a challenge you are motivated because you have a specific goal, and you are part of group of people with that same goal.

Join a challenge

Explore our challenges and select one which suites you. Create an account if you did not already do that and join the challenge.

Execute the Challenge

During the challenge you can update and keep track of your progress. With al kind of statistics you can easily see how you are doing.

Enjoy the benefits and changes you made

Did you pass the challenge? Celebrate!! Did you miss a couple off days, be proud and celebrate for participating! If you (almost) passed the challenge you probably noticed the positive impact of the healthy choices you made. So incorporate those changes into to your life and join the next challenge!

Suiker Challenge

Kun jij 7 dagen gezond eten en drinken zonder suiker? Verlaag het risico op overgewicht en diabetes type 2 en je krijgt ook nog eens meer energie.

  • Krijg meer energie
  • Val makkelijker af
  • Verklein het risico op diabetes type 2
  • Minder last van je buik
  • Beter nachtrust
  • Geen eetbuien
  • Gezonder lichaam
  • Beter humeur